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Haus Bellevue is located in the high Lungau valley and can be found between the mountains of the Radstäter Tauern and Katschberg, roughly 100km south of Salzburg.

The Lungau is easily accessible and well connected from all directions by both Motorway and a well maintained network of mountain roads. St Michael is located directly off the A10 Tauern Autobahn that runs from Salzburg to Villach.

Read on for directions from the North, South and East.  In all cases once you reach St Michael and the B96 look for the signpost "Wieden" and for the building signed as the "Lagerhaus".

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When you reach the signpost for Wieden...

Take the Lagerhaus turning, signpost for Wiedenerweg and travel uphill a short distance. When you reach a Y crossing in the road keep to the right.  Haus Bellevue is the first house you reach on the left. Continue past the Haus Bellevue sign up the road and a u-turn left to the guest car park.

Important Information for Drivers

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The Vignette

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It is illegal to drive on the Autobahn without a valid Vignette and the fine for being caught without one can be up to €3000,00. A Vignette sticker can be purchased at almost any garage or rest station. The toll sticker must be applied to the upper left front windscreen of your vehicle. Hire cars should have these automatically, however if you hire a car outside of Austria you will probably have to purchase one.

Digital Vignettes are available to purchase online directly from the Asfinag. These toll purchases are registered to a car numberplate and so should only be purchased if you are driving your own car.

A Vignette, often referred to as a toll sticker, can be purchase for a period of 10 days, 2 months or for a year. Prices do increase a little each year. Motorcyclists can enjoy a discounted rate.

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The Autobahn Toll

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There are a number of Autobahn toll points through Austria, including the Tauern Tunnel en-route to St Michael.  The Autobahn toll charge is nothing to do with the Vignette and a separate fee charged by the Asfinag and used for the upkeep of the roads and motorways.

At the time of writing in 2020, the rate of the toll into or out of the valley is a fee of €6,50. A pass card valid for 12 months can be purchased from the Asfinag and from a select few places around St Michael. The annual card costs €113,50 however with a valid year Vignette, and proof of the Vignette purchase, the card can be purchased at the discounted price of €73,50 . For many holiday makers, this is not a cost effective option, however if you are staying in the valley for an extended period and intending on travelling a distance on the motorway it is a worthy of consideration.

Tolls can be avoided at the expense of a little bit extra time and mileage. Any good route planner should give you the option to plan a route without toll stations.

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The route information and accompanying links are provided only as a guide and a further resource. The information given is correct at the time of writing. Roads and maps are however subject to change and we cannot accept responsibility for any incorrect route information. Please make sure that you have your route mapped before setting out on your journey.

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